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Boys Team Gymnastics Philosophy

  • To assist young men in developing the highest idea of themselves through the vehicle of competitive gymnastics, using the standards, disciplines, and ideals set forth in the sport.
  • To develop one of the Nation’s most reputable boy’s team gymnastics programs, by utilizing material from and participating in the USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic and Future Stars Programs.
  • To provide a positive, safe, fun and developmental environment, where every participating gymnast will be guided to reach his full gymnastics potential.
  • To provide and maintain a high professional standard of teaching, through proper selection and training of staff and personnel.
  • To educate and develop each competitive gymnast by way of goal setting. To guide each competitive gymnast in setting his own personal goals and objectives. Then once having set his goals, making sure it is attainable in a defined length of time. Also to help him understand the relationship between goal setting, achievement and success.
  • To maintain the boys Team Philosophy and Goals, we feel that it is necessary to provide the best possible gymnastics training and workout environment for the gymnasts to have an opportunity to reach their full potential.

By having coaches, parents and gymnasts all working towards the same objectives with clear communication, we feel that the Metro Team and Parents’ Club will be a positive, productive and effective organization.

Of utmost importance is the physical and physiological development of each gymnast in a positive learning environment, Gymnasts are encouraged to develop their ultimate potential.

Boys Team Classes

These are the entry (or compulsory) levels into boy’s gymnastics competition. At the compulsory level, each gymnast performs similar basic routines. The routines in these levels are designed to be progressive from one to the next and provide a solid foundation for the optional levels. Our compulsory gymnasts typically train from 4 to 12 hours a week.

These are considered the optional levels of boy’s competitive gymnastics. At the optional level gymnasts perform routines that are tailored specifically for them. Metro’s optional team trains 16 to 20 hours a week.

Boys Team Coaches

Svetlo Stanchev
Men’s Program Director/Boys Head Coach


Jason Davis
Boys Compulsory Coordinator


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