Mini Movers Gymnastics
A Preschool Gymnastics Program

Mini Movers Gymnastics

Building the Right Foundation

Metro Gymnastics Center’s Mini Movers Gymnastics Program provides children 12 months old through Kindergarten an opportunity to explore age appropriate activities in a safe, fun, kid-oriented environment. Children are challenged at their own ability levels and praised for their interaction and efforts. We believe that gymnastics builds strength, balance, flexibility and coordination and more importantly self confidence!

We also strongly believe that teaching the kids social skills such as following directions, sharing, taking turns and cooperation are an integral part of not only our gymnastics classes but life itself!

First of all, thank you for letting our Metro Staff be a part of your child’s life. Our First Aid and CPR certified staff will keep your child safe, happy and healthy.

As a Parent you may ask yourself why my child should do gymnastics. Here are just a few of the reasons and benefits for your preschooler/toddler.

Social Skills: peer interaction, taking turns, watching, listening, cooperation within the class structure.

Cognitive Skills: focus, memorization, problem solving, and following instructions.

Confidence: achievement, overcoming fear, and trying new athletic adventures.

Physical Development: strength, flexibility, coordination, speed, and balance.

Fun: games, music, swinging, rolling, twisting, jumping and climbing.

Here at Metro we hope to build a foundation of skills and positive attitudes so that no matter where they end up in life, they are self confident and successful!

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    Questions about Mini-Movers? Please feel free to contact us at (503) 620-8939 or with any questions.

    • We have a dressing room and a cubby area to put your belongings into; shoes, socks, and coat.
    • Have your gymnast ready in their leotard (shorts and T-shirt for boys) and hair pulled up and away from the face, and all jewelry removed.
    • All students sit at the edge of our floor and cubby area and wait for the teachers to begin the classes. Gymnasts and/or parents are not allowed out on the floor or equipment prior to class beginning.
    • The Mini Movers, age’s 1-5 years old warm-up on the main floor for the morning classes and on the Rec floor (nearest to cubbies) in the afternoon/evening classes.
    • Warm-ups begin with a group song with all the students together and then some cardio running for a few minutes. When finished with the cardio run the students then split up with their individual teacher for stretching and body positions.
    • The gymnasts will then receive approximately 10 minutes on 3 different rotations, with some major fun including, jumping and swinging on a rope into one of our two fluffy foam pits! The students are introduced to the various apparatus which includes the bar, beam, floor exercise basics, jumping off springboards and trampoline. We incorporate strength and flexibility into our rotations in fun and creative ways. We practice hanging and swinging, jumping and landing, balancing, coordination and so much more!
    • When class is over the Teacher will lead the group over to the cubby area for release and stamp time.
    • We do not allow parents onto the gym floor; we have a large viewing area upstairs for you to watch from, with TV monitors that show our different apparatus.
    • Most of our Mini Movers come for their fun work-out one-time a week, but you are always welcome to enroll into multiple classes.