Recreational Gymnastics

Recreational Gymnastics Classes

Metro’s Recreational Gymnastics Program is offered for children ages 6 – 18 years old. Through Metro’s safe, fun and progressive gymnastics classes, gymnasts develop and continually improve their strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, and self-esteem. Gymnastics is a sport of dedication, athleticism and determination. Gymnasts train hard in order to maintain their strength, balance and flexibility.

Gymnastics instruction is provided by our trained teaching staff and focuses on teaching the basic body positions and foundation skills of the beginning levels, to the more challenging and difficult skills of the more advanced levels. Metro provides an exciting non-competitive gymnastics experience for your child.

Gymnasts are taught with the use of skill progressions appropriate to each child’s ability level. Our recreational gymnasts typically take one to three classes per week.

For more information regarding Girls Recreational Gymnastics Contact Lynn McCaffrey.

For more information regarding Boys Recreational Gymnastics Contact Svetlo Stanchev.

    First of all, thank you for letting our Metro Staff be a part of your child’s life. Our First Aid and CPR certified staff will keep your child safe, happy and healthy.

    We offer classes for the very beginner (never had gymnastics) through our advanced levels. Once your child is proficient in a level, gymnasts are able to move to the next level; your teacher will notify you when he or she is ready to “move-up”. We also do testing/progress reports every spring; so you can see what your gymnast can do and what she still needs to work on.

    Metro does have girls USA-Gym Xcel Teams; we currently compete Silver and Gold Teams. This kind of team is perfect for those students that want to do gymnastics competitions, and also stay active in other sports throughout the year. Pick up a flyer in our gym today or read about XCEL under the CLASSES tab above.

    Lynn McCaffery
    Girls Recreational Gymnastics Director


    Svetlo Stanchev
    Boys Recreational Gymnastics Director


    Not sure what level your child would fit into? Please call or email me so we can schedule an evaluation for proper placement. The evaluation only takes 5-10 minutes. For girls evaluation, contact or 503-620-8939. For boys, evaluation, contact

    • We have a dressing room and a cubby area to put your belongings into; shoes, socks, coat, backpack etc.
    • Have your gymnast ready in their leotard (shorts and T-shirt for boys) and hair pulled up and away from the face and all jewelry removed.
    • All students sit at the edge of our floor and cubby area for the teachers to begin the classes.
    • All Recreational GIRLS warm-up together on the Main Floor. Recreational BOYS warm up with their individual teachers. (The Mini-movers, age’s 2-5 warm-up on the Rec. Floor nearest cubbies). It typically lasts for 10-15 minutes.
    • Warm-ups begin with cardio movements such as jogging, jumping, and galloping. When finished with the cardio all students spread out and stretch out their major muscle groups with their Teacher.
    • The gymnasts will receive 15 minutes on 3 different events. The students will be introduced to the various apparatus. The GIRLS use uneven bars, balance beam, floor exercise, vault, single tramp, tumble tramp and our pits. The BOYS use floor, vault, high bar, parallel bars, pommel horse, rings, single tramp, and tumble tramp. Basics gymnastics skills are taught first including 2 major components%