Why Enroll My Children in Gymnastics?

Gymnastics Offers a Variety of Benefits

Here are 10 excellent ways boys and girls of all ages benefit from gymnastics…

  1. It’s fun
  2. Develops strength
  3. Develops flexibility
  4. Develops coordination
  5. Teaches listening skills
  6. Gains self-esteem and confidence
  7. Provides social interaction with peers
  8. Teaches goal setting
  9. Develops cognitive abilities to help in the classroom
  10. Develops skills to enhance other sports

Gymnastics is an amazing developmental sport that has a profound impact on a child’s whole well-being. It benefits your child physically, academically and socially. Gymnastics provides the proper athletic foundations for all sporting endeavors. It helps increase flexibility, strength, speed, agility, coordination and balance.

Gymnastics also helps enhance children’s social skills. During a class, children will observe, practice waiting their turn, follow directions, respect others and listen.  All of these skills are very important for a child to practice to enhance their social skills. As a child achieves skills and is encouraged by their coach they increase their self esteem, gain a sense of control over their body’s movements which increases healthy self empowerment and body awareness.

The common link is the development of life-long skills that lead to healthier development. Every child doing gymnastics, whether at the competitive or recreational level, has the opportunity to express themselves by taking physical and mental risks, testing their limits and enjoying the satisfaction of learning new skills. These experiences help kids succeed and research also shows that kids who start a sport such as gymnastics early on are more likely to grow up to be active and healthy adults.

Taking part in gymnastics at a young age can help build the foundations of good all-around muscle strength, endurance, and power.  Gymnasts get stronger through regular training, which aids in the development of lean, toned muscles, improved balance, and better posture.